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The Diocese of Cochin

The Diocese of Cochin is a Latin Catholic Diocese, established in 1557 by Pope Paul IV in recognition of the missionary work done by the Portuguese in India. The territory extended from Cannanore to Cape Comarin on the west coast and to the whole of the east coast of India. One can rightly claim that the Diocese of Cochin, after Goa (1534), is the mother Diocese of all Dioceses in the southern and eastern India, Ceylon and Burma. Now the Diocese of Cochin has become territorially the smallest Diocese in India owing to the bifurcation and erection of new Dioceses. The Diocese was under the Portuguese administration till 1950 and was handed over to the native bishops. The Diocese is situated in a narrow strip of land, extending from north to south, covering 236 sq. kms on the eastern side of the Arabian sea. The Diocese has embarked on several pastoral and development measures for the uplift of the people of the coastal area. Right from its inception in 1557 as the second Catholic diocese in India it has been taking a leading role in the socio-educational upliftment of the people.

Founder Patron


Joseph Kureethara
Rt Rev. Dr Joseph Kureethara

Bishop of Cochin

[1975 - 1999]

Joseph Kariyil
Rt. Rev. Dr Joseph Kariyil, DD.

Bishop of Cochin



Johnson Chirammel
Rev Fr. Johnson Chirammel
Mr. Jose P Abraham
Dr. Jose P. Abraham

Academic Director

Dr. V. S. Antony
Dr. V. S. Antony
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